The team and founder

Agent Fofana Abdoulaye Cissé is the founder and general manager of the International Executive Close Protection Agency. As part of his noteworthy career, Mr. Cissé has worked with the United States Secret Service during the 2012 United Nations Summit as the Lead detail for the Senegalese minister of Foreign Affairs.

He has worked closely with police and law enforcement during a large number of assignments both in the United States and overseas. Mr. Cissé also served as the United States Director for the International Association of Close Protection Officers (IACPO) headquartered in England.

He was recognized and received the Top Gun Achievement Award in 2014 from the International Academy of Executive Protection Agents (IAEPA) During a lengthy and immaculate professional career Mr. Cissé has developed an elite group of highly skilled and experienced agents who now serve as team leaders for the different global protection teams such as: Agent Mamadou Ndiaye (Team Vice President Europe), Agent Mark Lynch (London Team Leader), Agent Ryan Berg (EPS State Certified Firearm Instructor) and a high impact leadership structure behind all international teams: United States, South Africa, France, United Kingdom, Dubai, etc.

Agent Cissé is a Private investigator licensed in the state of Georgia, Director of Executive protection for EPA security and a lead Executive protection agent with Advanced Protection Services.

He also works with numerous global security firms by contract who require his expertise.

As an instructor he has trained new and experienced protection agents in several parts of the world in English French and Spanish.

He also developed a new concept of training by taking the lessons to where the students live and work using the reality of their conditions , law and regulations and social realities making a tailor made, custom fit training program.

This system also provides economic benefits for our clients by cutting travel costs and eliminating the hardship of US visa requirements.

He also developed a student and agent exchange program that allowed agents to gain international experience by working and training in other countries of the world, This offering was built thanks to the strong business ties that IECPA has with other leading companies in America and overseas.

Our management team represents decades of combined security management, industrial security, law enforcement, military, loss prevention, life safety, and executive protection experience.

IECPA Agents undergo a comprehensive process of professional training in different subjects and areas which prepare them for all international assignments. We have successfully served everywhere from the Cannes Film Festival red carpet to the deserts and the jungles under extreme conditions.

Our agents are fluent in different languages and the right team will always be assigned according to the client´s specific requirements and mission location.

All of our experts are Certified Protection Specialists, highly trained in Tactical Gun Takeaway and Defense.

Some of our core competencies include extensive world-class training and experience in all aspects of security, self-defense, mixed martial arts, law enforcement, SWAT command, military and combat operations, special operations, life safety, site surveillance, risk assessment, body guarding & executive protection, advanced formations and tactical maneuvers, advanced weapons training, investigations, terrorism awareness, and terrorism emergency response.

The International Executive Close Protection Agency, LLC offers full security service and training.

Our academies are located in several states and rated as the top security training schools in the United States. Our partnerships with international institutions like The Champions Place Training Academy serve to enrich our students while also exchanging knowledge and procedures.

All our courses: Executive Protection, Threat Assessment and management, Executive Protection, Special Operations & Bodyguard Training are very much hands-on and intense. IECPA is not the average protection and bodyguard training school. We set a higher standard as we exist to teach our students how to be Always a Step Ahead.

Our instructor to student ratio is much smaller than many other agencies & schools, allowing us to work closely with each student. Furthermore, each one of our instructors is a Certified Protection Specialist™ and certified Tactical Gun Takeaway Specialist™

Courses are approved through the Georgia Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies which regulates security training throughout the state of Georgia. Courses are taught by State Certified Classroom/Firearm Instructors with years of experience. State Certified Certificates are issued in the areas of Private Detective/Investigations, Armed Security Guard and Firearms training.

Customized high impact training programs for private and public organizations are available upon request.

Some of the organizations we protect: